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Century Electrical is committed to transformation (BEE), which we believe is both a national and business imperative. This is not a simply philosophical or theoretical endorsement. This is a priority strategy to all our employees. We are part of a wider society. We have responsibilities not just to our customers but also to our employees, our shareholders and the community.

Business, Employees and Society need to work together to sustain empowerment.

Century Electrical is a equal opportunity and an affirmative action company, with the majority shareholding held by a PDI. The company is proud to state that we are an approved "black economic empowered" company. Over the past decade, the company has already implemented an affirmative action programme and has no less than 5 members of the designated group as part of the top and middle management. This is a major achievement.

The company currently employs 120 people

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Black Economic Empowerment Policy

1. Century is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and affirmative action aimed at the development of a staff profile that will reflect the profile of the community itself.

This policy implies:

  • Implementation of recruitment strategies to correct imbalances in the staff composition
  • Provide special training programmes / schemes to ensure that the employees of disadvantaged groups acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to be recruited, or to advance their careers.
  • Specific initiatives to change the composition of decision-making structures to reflect the community, which it serves.

2. Squarely within the current debates and perspectives of affirmative action, equal opportunities and issued of equity, the management of this company would like to reaffirm its stance and clearly indicate that its perspective does not detract from the fundamental interest of labour and the staff employed with particular emphasis on persons who have been historically disadvantages by race and gender inequities.

3. Our view is that change must be seen as thorough - ongoing transformation of the material and spiritual conditions, of the most oppressed and exploited section of our society. To this end, our organization is committed to a programme of affirmative action that transcends the promotion of black people, woman and physically disabled people, merely for the sake of cosmetic change. As such, we maintain that affirmative action must relentlessly strive to transform the social conditions of the rural masses and not be abused by individual, black or white, with vested interest and personal agendas.

4. Affirmative action and its implementation, is essential for the promotion of industrial reconciliation and the development of South Africa's human recourses.

5. Empowerment of the previously disadvantaged is inextricably linked to the provision of additional financial education and special training facilities, in order to establish a base for effective competition and participation.

6. Our company will supervise the process of implementation of equal opportunity / affirmative action policies. This extend we have resolved as follows:

  • The promotion of equality in employment,
  • The formulation and implementation of appropriate standards and procedures,
  • Evaluation of recruitment / selection procedures,
  • Strategies for people development / training;
  • Mentoring systems to be devised;
  • Retention of competent black staff

7. The equal employment practice that we have adopted is summarized as follows:

Elimination of race, colour, ethnic origin, religious and political persuasion, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation as considerations or factors in recruitment, promotion, selection, education, training and development, conditions of service, use of facilities, allocation of bursars or in any other manner whatsoever.

Disability and age shall not count as objective criteria in recruitment or selection, unless these are interstice requirements for specific possessions. In respect of gender, we have also resolved that equal pay and benefits to all employees doing equal or comparative work for the same period of time. Our staff and more particulars our professionals staff, have undergone various training courses, for professional development, at the costs of the company and we shall continue to do so as part of our budget.

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